4 Different Layouts to Freshen Up Your Kitchen

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August 31, 2017
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August 31, 2017

4 Different Layouts to Freshen Up Your Kitchen

Kitchen renovations are a great way to update your home. As one of the most-used rooms of all, it’s important to have a kitchen design that you love, and is functional for your needs. Skyrock has a fewrenovation suggestions, to help take your kitchen style from out-dated, to contemporary.

One Wall

One wall kitchens are great for saving space. They place all of your appliances, counter space, cabinets and sinks on one wall so the kitchen table can sit parallel to your appliances for an open concept look. Many people use these open-concept kitchens in one bedroom apartments and bachelors so they can economize their square footage.


These kitchens have two walls of counter and stovetop space to cook on. Appliances are usually spread out on either wall and at the end of the aisle in a corner, a kitchen table is placed. Space is still maximized, so these kitchens are great in small and medium sized residences. Skyrock can set up meetings and take to you to showrooms to help you select the best cabinets and counters to use in your home.

Horseshoe Kitchens

These kitchens make use of 3 walls to create a grand and open space in the center. Often people place the kitchen table within this open space to create a centralized eating space, as opposed, to an open concept.

Island Kitchens

These kitchens make great use of the space and have the most versatile layout. The island can act as an extra counter, a breakfast bar, a stovetop or even an oven. You can add an island to any of the above kitchens to change the layout and add a modern flair. Whatever the layout, Skyrock does an initial consultation with each client to make sure that we can give you a kitchen that is functional, has its required permits and is within your budget.

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