5 Renos You Should Call Skyrock For

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August 31, 2017
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August 31, 2017

5 Renos You Should Call Skyrock For

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Sometimes it can be a little hard to figure out when you should call a contractor to renovate your home, but the truth is that calling a contractor can save a lot of time and frustration. Here are a few renovations you should always leave to the professionals if you want to save yourself the reno headache and your hard earned cash.

New Windows

If you plan on putting in new windows you should always call a professional. When windows are not properly installed you could get air leaks, which can grow mold or increase your electricity bill due to poor insulation.

New Pipes

Be careful to not install new pipes by yourself in your washroom or kitchen. If there are any leaks you can damage your flooring and ceilings. Calling Skyrock Construction, a bathroom & kitchen renovation contractor Hamilton & Toronto, that has an experienced list of plumbers can save you far more money than if you tried to do it yourself and caused severe damage.

New Circuit Breakers

The Ontario and Canadian Government has specific rules and regulations when it comes to installingelectrical circuit breakers and wires in your home. The last thing you want is for your electric wires to overheat and cause a fire. Call the professionals when you want to do any electrical work.

New Walls

If you are planning to add new walls to your home for new rooms or get rid of old ones to expand old rooms you should consider calling a contractor. Skyrock Construction has experience installing walls, breakers and windows. We assign you a project manager that takes you budget, timeline and design into consideration so your home looks exactly like you want it to.

New Basement

If you are looking into renovating your basement, you need to take in consideration all the reasons we just listed. A finished basement is a serious home addition. Skyrock Construction has years of experience with all home renovations, including finished basements.

Call Skyrock Construction, your local bathroom & kitchen renovation contractor Hamilton & Toronto for the best prices and most thorough renovation experience! To get an initial quote on your project or to speak to a project manager call (647) 204 0982 or fill our quick and easy online form.

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