Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations Toronto – 3 Tips to Help You Get Started

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August 31, 2017

Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations Toronto – 3 Tips to Help You Get Started

If you’re thinking about tackling a bathroom or kitchen renovation this summer, SKYROCK Construction has some steps you can take to get you pointed in the right direction:

1. What Is the One Thing You Want to Change the Most?

There’s something in your bathroom or kitchen that is irritating you beyond belief that needs to go. It’s something you’ve been commenting on and you just aren’t happy with the way it looks or functions. That’s the one thing that you should be focusing on at the beginning.

Do you want to upgrade the flooring? Do the bathroom tiles need updating or are you ready to switch to a new tub surround? Perhaps you’re dreaming of a granite or quartz countertop to replace the old yellow laminate one that’s currently there and full of stains and cuts. No matter what it is, focus on one thing that you want to change in the room and then work from there.

2. Design around the First Priority

So, for example, you have decided to change your old flooring and upgrade it to something new and exciting. The expert design team at SKYROCK Construction can help you choose new flooring to install, and our renovation professionals will take care of all installation. In your design plan, you will also be able to choose new countertops, window coverings, appliances and anything else you need to upgrade in the kitchen. In the bathroom, you can examine your paint colour choices based on your new flooring colour and design. As well, the lighting fixtures, vanities, window coverings and other bathroom accessories can now be picked out based on your flooring choice.

3. Look at the Functionality of the Room

How is the room currently working for you? Do you have enough space to get things done in the kitchen? Is your bathroom spacious enough and are all the plumbing fixtures working properly? If not, now is the time to address these things as well. The SKYROCK professionals can design and execute your renovation vision. In consultation, we will take a look at all of the different areas that may need to be addressed in renovation, and incorporate repairs within the renovation.

When you’re ready to do bathroom and kitchen renovations Toronto and don’t really know how to get started, call the professionals at SKYROCK Construction. From design to complete renovation, we work with you to ensure your design vision comes to life. To get your consultation today, fill out our convenient online form or call us at 647-204-0982.

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