AS per Herald Homes newsletter, the condominium lifestyle can offer all the conveniences of a larger home without the yard work. True, your neighbours may be a bit close and you may not have as much square footage as in a detached house, but you are most likely within walking distance of many activities, from the mundane to the exciting.

According to Glen Peloso, Canadian Home Trends’ National Design Editor, here are the useful tips to deal with your new “cosy” condo! :

  • Beware when Buying from plan
  • First thing to tackle is storage
  • Foundation
  • Mirrors in general open up the space
  • Painting
  • Once you own it – Stop with words like Small and Cramped –
  • Decide on the function of the room
  • Selectfurniture that sits off the floor so you can see under it – gives the illusion of more space
  • Doors – remove the ones that aren’t necessary – like into the Den, office etc


In order to understand, what the above tips are all about and how Skyrock Construction can help you to make your limited space into a Luxurious Treat...

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